Measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket

tape measure JPG1 150x150 Measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket

Measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket

This post is to help you on the task of measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket.  All my leather jacket listings at have a sample guide to help you take measurements for a custom leather jacket but even that guide is a little confusing to some customers.  To help you on measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket be it a motorcycle jacket or a regular leather jacket i am including another guide here today that i think is even better and shows you exactly where to measure.  

Now this guide below is really meant for motorcycle suits but i think  it is perfect for all leather wear,  you just need to take the measurements that apply to the item you want.  For example if you want a pair of leather pants you would not need to take chest or sleeve measurements and if you wanted to take measurements for a leather vest you also would not need to take arm measurements and so on.

NEVER take the measurements alone always have someone measure you.

The only item needed for measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket is a fabric Tape Measure and it costs $1-2 and can get them at any Dollar Store or Pharmacy (they usually have a shelf for sewing) or of course a Fabric store.  If you don’t have one or can’t find one locally or don’t want to spend a buck you can use a piece of wire or string and a tape measure you have in your tool box.

Also wear the clothes you would normally wear under a jacket like a t-shirt or shirt.

For chaps wear your pants or jeans unless you want to wear the chaps bare bottom (not kidding) otherwise the chaps might be too tight and you will have to wear them bare bottom, unless that’s what you want then never mind.

Leather motorcycle suit measuring guide www.leather pic1 500x318 Measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket

I added a * sign next to the measurements you would need for Measuring for a custom made leather jacket or shirt.

Do not add anything to your measurements – we need your actual body measurements.

1.  Wrist *
2. Fore arm *
3. Bicep *
4. Neck *
5. Chest (under armpit) *
6. Waist (at belly button) *
7. Hips *
8. Thigh (10cm from crutch point)
9. Knee
10. Calf (10cm from knee point)
11. Ankle (at ankle bone)
12. Shoulder width (from shoulder bone to bone) +

13. Back length (neck to waist) *
14. Elbow to wrist *
15. Sleeve length (shoulder to wrist) *
16. Knee bone to ankle bone
17. Waist to knee
18. Side length (waist to ankle)
19. Inside leg (crutch to ankle)
20. Total length (neck to ankle)
21. Shoulder (neck to shoulder bone)
22. Weight (kg)
23. Women Only – under bust measurement
24. Age
25. Height (cm)


In case you wanted more info.

Below are a couple of links to pages on  on How to measure for a custom made Leather Motorcycle Jacket. These links below will open in a new window so you don’t lose this page.

  • Link to a page – . The instructions are really simple and explained well if you want to go with their guide then send us the measurements numbered 1 – 10
  • Link to a page – some good advice for when you measure yourself.

If you stumbled onto this page and haven’t bought a jacket yet then visit my store at We have 100′s of style of cowhide leather motorcycle jackets as well as Lamb Nappa leather jackets and coats all custom made for you.

When you have your measurements ready send them to me in a e-mail to ron@leather-shop.bizwith the style #, color, free options you want plus any special requests.
Thanks for reading my post Measuring for a custom made Leather Jacket i hope it helped you understand the process and hopefully will result in you getting that perfect fitting leather wear item.

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