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Leather Shirts for sale custom made


Leather shirts custom made to order 

Hey Folks i am just going to post a few pics of Leather Shirts styles we make here on the blog.  We can make any style leather shirt for Men or Women in any color or size ( Standard or Custom Measurements).  We use soft durable aniline leather for leather shirts or we can also use lambskin which is a little thinner.

Leather shirt colors that are always available – Black, Burgundy, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray. Red and White.

All these styles can be made for Women as well, all we have to do is change the side the shirt buttons up.

Leather shirts are great for Spring and Summer because it is like a light jacket you forget you are wearing it and the lining keeps you cool.  A lot of places have air conditioning blasting away all summer so it also keeps the chill away and is rain proof.  Long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless leather shirts are available whatever you want we will make it your way.

We can also add Logos or patches if you have a business so you can look cool and advertise at the same time, anyway anything is possible contact me if you have any questions about any leather wear item.

Also check out the Leather Shirts for Men custom made video on this blog.


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