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Leather motorcycle suits custom made customer pics


Leather motorcycle suits custom made

Hello folks, todays post is about one of our favorite customers who has bought4 leather motorcycle suits from us over the years.  This customer who’s first name is Mike has sent us some nice action pics of him wearing the custom made leather motorcycle suits we made for him.

You might recognize this pic above i have used it before in our About Us post.  But i like this pic a lot of the custom made leather suit, he seems to blend right in with the motorcycle.  He sent us his design and chose the colors and they came out great.  The photographer that took these pics is really good and captures the bike and scenery perfect.


Above is a pic of the  Yellow + White taken at our factory, my guys are not great photographers but they make awesome custom made leather suits.  Mike wanted  White and Yellow leather used instead of the Black and Yellow scheme we have in our store.  Since these Leather motorcycle suits are custom made we can make it any way you like, everything we do is made to order.  Below is a pic of the same leather suit style 2059 he sent us, you can see the Yellow looks alot brighter in his pic.

These custom made leather motorcycle suits start at  you only pay for the features you want.  click the link to see more styles or send us yours.  We pay the shipping Worldwide by courier and do not nickel and dime you for this feature or that one, see all the specs and free options at our store .


This next picture is of the    i appreciate when customers send us their pics wearing our suits.  If you have bought a suit or any leather item from us please send me your pics to Ron@Leather-Shop.Biz or use that e-mail if you have any questions about our leather wear.


Here is a pic of the  again Mike changed the colors to the ones he wanted.  We prefer you get a suit made your way to your body measurements then you not only look good but so does the suit when it fits right and everyone is happy.  We make suits for every sport so if you need a leather suit for Car racing or LongBoarding then we will modify them to work for what you need them to do.

If you buy a branded suit with our Logos and Web Address on them we will send you a Promo Code you give to people who ask you about your suit and if they buy they will save $10 off the regular price if they use the Promo Code and you will get a $25 store credit.  We can also add #’s your name or your logos as well to any item there will be a small fee for those items just contact me for cost.



Here are a couple of pics of Mikes older retro style leather motorcycle  suits, he has been riding for 40 years and when i told him i like some of the older styles he said he would send me some pics.  Click on the pics for a supersize image.  If you want something made in these styles let us know we can do that as well, i would love to make a Evil Knievel style suit someday.


Whatever you want you can get it made with us at the best price and with the best service.  Thanks for reading this post i hope you bookmark this Blog and come back often.




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