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Alex Drake White Leather Jacket – Ashes to Ashes

Hello folks today’s post will be about the T.V. show Ashes to Ashes and the jacket the character Alex Drake wears.  The show is a spin off of Life on Mars where a detective is almost killed and wakes up in the 1970s about 30 years in the past.   On Ashes to Ashes our […]

Perfecto style cowhide white leather motorcycle jacket 116W

White Leather Motorcycle Jacket style 116W     Hey folks hope you are having a great weekend.  This post is about our White leather motorcycle jacket style 116 it is based on the popular Schott Perfecto leather jackets.  The white leather motorcycle jacket 116W is probably one of our best sellers, people are always telling me that […]

White Leather Motorcycle Jacket Style 114 Made To Order

White Leather Motorcycle Jacket Style 114   This white leather motorcycle jacket can be made in any standard size or custom made to your body measurements. This style can be made in other colors also, just choose your options or contact me for special requests.  This is a head turning jacket whether you order one […]

White leather fringe jackets custom made Boni Jovi style

leather fringe jackets custom made Boni Jovi style – This post is about a order we got for two Leather fringe jackets custom made.  I got a call from a huge Bon Jovi fan in Toronto Canada, he was looking to purchase two leather fringe jackets, one in white leather and one in black like the […]