Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)

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Hey folks, I added another Steampunk related video to the blog.  I love Steampunk fashion and the people who wear it. Inspired by the category “Things That Are Not Steampunk” on Regretsy (www.regretsy.com), and (of course) those peerless purveyors of Euterpean epopee, Professor Elemental and Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer. The tintypes and photographs used Read More

Steampunk Leather Top Hat

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Steampunk Leather Top Hat This top-quality Steampunk Leather Top Hat is fully shaped and accented with antiqued silver studs. It stands 4 1/2-inches tall and is available in sizes S (7 1/4-inches), M (7 1/2-inches), or L (7 3/4-inches). Top-quality Steampunk Leather Top Hat! Accented with antiqued silver studs! Stands 4 1/2-inches tall. Price: $69.99 Read More

Steampunk Clothing for sale

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Steampunk Clothing   Hey folks here are some link to get more details on Steampunk clothing or should I say fashion. The Steampunk look is certainly unique and if you’re into Victorian and Industrial Age and Sci-Fi then you cam to the right place.   Steampunk Airship Pants – click on pic for more details Read More