Luftwaffe Flight Jacket Style Leather Shirt

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Flight Jacket Style Gray Leather Shirt


Hey Folks, this post is about a shirt we made based on Luftwaffe Flight Jacket worn by fighter pilots during the war.  The German pilots bought their own jackets and like the styles of French motorcycle jackets.

This leather shirt is made of very soft and thin gray lambskin it is perfect for 3 seasons and could be worn under a jacket in Winter.

Contact me to order

We can make this shirt in 7 colors or we can make this style of jacket in thicker cowhide for casual wear or riding.

grey Luftwaffe style shirt back

Custom Made Leather Shirts Flight Jacket Style

This is my shirt with my logos yours comes without any logos or patches unless you want them or different ones.  Let me know what you are looking for and I will give you a price (roughly $250 with shipping) but if you want one contact me I don’t really have these listed anywhere yet.

We can make any military style clothing see my other posts.

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