Lambskin leather shirt Style LS018 for sale

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Hey folks here is a quick post and video about our lambskin leather shirt custom made style LS018.  All our leather shirts are made to feel and look awesome on you because we make them to your measurements.  These leather shirts can be made for Men or Women and come in 8 readily available lambskin colors.  Since we make these shirts custom you can tweak the style if you want to change something and have a one of a kind leather shirt.

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You can also send us a pic or link of a style you like and we will make it for you no problem.  Check out our store for more style and details .

LS018 black lambskin leather shirt custom made front open pic


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Leather Sweat Pants and Shirts available for sale

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Leather Sweat Pants and Shirts


Hey Folks, I am redoing my my leather sweat pants and shirts post.  I changed hosting companies and lost some files/posts.

The leather sweat pants / jogging pants and shirts are made from the finest softest cowhide leather, it is the perfect leather for these items and will last you many many years.  We can also use lambskin leather if you want these sweat pants and shirt a little thinner both leathers are the same price so it is up to you.  These leather items are made to order / custom made for you.


Leather Sweat shirt / Jogging shirt $169.99


Leather Sweat pants / Jogging pants$169.99


Each items is $169.99 for regular sizes, plus sizes are a little more.  These prices are not staying this low for long.  I have people reselling these same shirt and pants for double and sales are flying in.

Leather sweat suits, leather jogging suits, leather sweat shirts, leather sweat pants, leather jogging shirt. leather jogging pants all available in any size and style in these colors.

Black,  Burgundy, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, Red and White

These are not listed in my store yet, I am working on a new LEATHER SUPERSTORE and all my items will be in there including these items plus a lot of new stuff and most of my old items and styles from WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ


If you want to order these Leather Sweat Shirts and Pants send me a e-mail to or call me at 315 307-8923 and I can send you a Paypal invoice which you can pay with Paypal if you do not have a Paypal account no worries you can also pay the invoice with any Credit Card no need to register to Paypal.


We have also made Rhianna style leather sweat pants and Kayne West, Jay-Z sweat pants these are available for $250 each, I can charge a $1000 for them and would sell 10-20 pairs a month no problem but I am keeping the price low for my readers. I will do a post about these styles later.

Any style available just send me a pic or link so I can see them and I will give you a price.

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The Chronicles of Riddick – Leather Glove, Armbands replica for sale

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The Chronicles of Riddick Leather Glove, Armbands replica


Hey folks, got another post for the The Chronicles of Riddick movie.


It seems to be very popular movie and that post gets alot of hits so why not do another one.


I got a few e-mails after the first post asking if i can make them a set of Riddick  Leather glove and armbands (i am really not sure what to call these) we said sure no problem.


Below is a pic of the finished The Chronicles of Riddick leather glove / arm bands below.


If you want to order a set of these for $149.99 USD including delivery by courier click on the Paypal button below.


After you make the payment i will send you a e-mail with the measurements we need or you can add them to the NOTES box on the PAYPAL checkout page.


Everything is custom made to your measurements so it will fit and look perfect.


Riddick Leather Glove, Armbands replica for sale

Buy It Now

Made custom to fit you perfect

MEASUREMENTS WE NEED for the Riddick leather gloves / armbands

1. Forearm
2. Wrist
3. Elbow to Wrist
4. Wrist to base of middle finger
5. Hand without thumb



The Chronicles of Riddick Leather Glove, Armbands are only available on this BLOG

We can make anything out of leather so if you always wanted something made of leather you found the right place.

If you have any questions about The Chronicles of Riddick leather gloves / armbands

or any other item e-mail me at or call 315 307-8923 anytime.

Also visit our main store website WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ