Luftwaffe Flight Jacket Style Leather Shirt

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Flight Jacket Style Gray Leather Shirt


Hey Folks, this post is about a shirt we made based on Luftwaffe Flight Jacket worn by fighter pilots during the war.  The German pilots bought their own jackets and like the styles of French motorcycle jackets.

This leather shirt is made of very soft and thin gray lambskin it is perfect for 3 seasons and could be worn under a jacket in Winter.

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We can make this shirt in 7 colors or we can make this style of jacket in thicker cowhide for casual wear or riding.

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Custom Made Leather Shirts Flight Jacket Style

This is my shirt with my logos yours comes without any logos or patches unless you want them or different ones.  Let me know what you are looking for and I will give you a price (roughly $250 with shipping) but if you want one contact me I don’t really have these listed anywhere yet.

We can make any military style clothing see my other posts.

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WWII Luftwaffe Style Leather Flight Jacket

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German Flight Jacket ‘Jagdflieger’ reproduction WW II jacket

Hi there folk, today’s post is about the leather flight jacket replicas of the German Air Force during World War Two made by Nobile House.  This style of jackets was worn by the top pilots and Aces of the Luftwaffe and i think they look awesome.  Anyway if you want to order one click on the link below and it will take you to the sales listing page.


Precious handpicked black soft aniline Steer-hide, hand-sewn.
Made with the highest quality black Steer-hide – thickness 1.5 mm.
All Jackets are brand new

100% brushed cotton lining in German Air Force blue – wadded

2 slash side entry pockets
zippers on sleeves
Inner pockets with zip
deep inside luger pocket

The ‘Jagdflieger’ jacket of the BF-109 pilots is the most mentioned Flight jacket of the Luftwaffe.
No wonder those historic originals are a part of the most eligible collector’s items.
A jacket for your whole life.

 Our reproduction of this style is as accurate to the original as is feasible to be

Flight jacket style worn by German Pilots,Aces of the Luftwaffe, the Messerschmidt pilots Hans-Joachim Marseille, Erich Hartmann, Werner Moelders, Guenther Rall, etc.

Throughout his service with the Luftwaffe, Major Hartmann can often be seen in archive images wearing his short leather jacket, which he no doubt acquired during the early part of the war when he was posted in France. Many Luftwaffe fighter pilots had this style of jacket which was originally commercially purchased (not issued) at ordinary clothing and motorcycling shops in France. In fact, they were actually referred to as “Cyclists Jackets” by the Luftwaffe pilots. Made of a fairly lightweight and close-cut construction, they appealed to the German fighter pilots both for their smart looks and their applicable use in the cramped cockpits of aircraft, such as the Bf109.

To see more leather jackets of the style worn by pilots in World War II check out this sellers store just click on the LINK at the top of this post.  The store is located in Germany but they ship Worldwide.  Hope you enjoyed this post and like this style jacket as much as i do.


Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jackets CLICK ON LINK TO BUY