Sexy Leather Babes Volume12

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Sexy Leather Babes Volume12 – Slideshow. Hot celebs in leather. Pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, blazers, coats and boots. Featured women: Pink, Eliza Dushku, Megan Fox, Kat Von D, Juliette Lewis, Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Biel and many more.

Music: Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars

YOUTUBE video Sexy Leather Babes Volume12 with celebs in leather jackets, leather coats, leather vests, leather suits, leather costumes and so on.  I love videos like this because we get a lot of ideas on styles to make or thing to change on others.  If you see something you like and want a similar custom made leather jacket e-mail me at

Screenshots from Sexy Leather Babes Volume12

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We are experts in custom made leather fashion so go ahead and contact us with any questions or ideas.  We We also make all items in standard sizes as well if you prefer.  Even though we use the best quality leathers for our fashion leather wear and it is custom made to your specifications our prices will not break the bank.   Fashion leather jackets start at $219.99 U.S. with shipping by courier included anywhere World Wide.  Once you buy from us you will be hooked and never pay retail prices again for something that is not exactly the style or color you want and that is not a 100% perfect fit.  If you want to be a Sexy Leather Babe hopefully we will talk to you soon.


Leather suits for Motorcycles or Longboarding custom made

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Customer pic leather motorcycle suit style 0020LS

Hey folks, just another post about our custom made leather suits which are perfect for either Motorcycle racing/riding or Longboarding.  Above is a pic a customer sent us of his custom made suit motorcycle suit style 0020LS which was made to his body measurements and he was able to select the free options he wanted.  We can also make this for Longboarding we would just make the suit with a little less padding or armors so the boarders can crouch low on their boards and move about freely.  Any style / colors / sizes are always available because everything is made for you these are not pre made.  We can add names/ numbers / logos or patches whatever you want just contact me for more info before ordering.


 Check out my store for over a 100 styles of leather suits, anything can be changed from the colors to the style and can be made in either 1 or 2 pieces.  You can also send me pics / links or drawings of the ultimate dream suit you always wanted and i guarantee you we will make it for you.

Order the 0020LS suit and save $10 put in PROMO CODE AS10 in the PROMO CODE box on the Paypal checkout page.

Replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits, jackets, pants available

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Replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits, pants and jackets

Hey folks, today’s post is about our replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits we get a lot of requests for.   We can make leather motorcycle suits, jackets and pants with any major replica racing brand for example Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, Ferrari, BMW….  These replica racing brand leather items  are made to track and road safety specs and are just as high quality as our branded or non-branded suits.

The pic above shows the Ducati branded replica leather motorcycle jacket in Yellow this jacket is also available in main color Red or Black.  These jackets can be made for riding/racing in top-grain cowhide with armors or if you just want a cool casual wear jacket in a thinner and softer analine cowhide.  You can order a replica racing brand jacket in average size up to 3XL for $279.99 for top-grain cowhide and $289.99 made in analine cowhide.  These are very high quality made leather jackets with brand name stitched on in leather and replica patches.

The pic above shows the Kawasaki branded replica leather motorcycle pants in Green these pants are also available in main color Red, Gray, Blue or Orange.  These riding/racing leather motorcycle pants are made out of top-grain cowhide with armors and padding.  You can order a replica racing brand pants in average sizes for $259.99 .  These are very high quality made leather pants with brand name stitched on in leather and made to protect the rider for many years.  Replica branded pants available in all styles, colors and sizes and with any brand.

The pic above shows the Honda – Camel branded replica leather motorcycle suit in Yellow this suit can be made in any color.   This riding/racing leather motorcycle suit is made with top-grain cowhide with armors and padding.  You can order a replica racing brand suit in average sizes for $524.99 .  These are very high quality leather suits with brand name stitched on in leather and replica patches.  All brands, colors, styles and sizes are available, these replica racing brand leather items are made to order for you.

I will be adding the replica leather racing wear over the next couple weeks at our newest store  LEATHER-SHOP-BLOG-STORE.BIZ only.  But if you cant wait for your style to be listed then contact me at or call 315 307-8923.