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Here is a very good and humorous video from YOUTUBE called

How to measure yourself for a vintage leather jacket –  Video

The video shows you exactly how to take measurements with a friend around the chest and shoulders properly for a custom made leather jacket to get a perfect fit. The video also shows how to take the length measurement watch it several times or pause it during playback if you want to follow along.  This video is the only one i could find on the internet that was useful but if you need more info then check out the other posts in the How to Measure for Leather Wear Category of this blog.

A lot of people these days find it harder and harder to find a jacket that fits in a Standard size, that is where custom fitting comes in.  So videos like this make it easier for people to now get custom made leathers without having to go to a tailor. 


If you walk into a local shop that does custom leather wear you are looking at a cost of about $800+ for a custom leather jacket in the United States.  But at stores like ours on-line you can get the same or better quality leather wear for only a couple hundred dollars, average leather motorcycle jacket is $229.99 custom made for you at our store.   Basically you can get 3-4 custom made leather jackets at our shop for the price of one locally.  In a store you might have 4 or 5 choices of styles where as at our store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ  we have literally 100’s of styles for men and women and the colors you want at no extra charge.  That why i love this video it helps people who are afraid to order a custom jacket get over their fears and shows you how easy it is.

When we say we make custom made items we mean it if you don’t see the style you want in our shop then all you have to do is send us a pic or link of the style you want and we will make it for you.  We make every type of leather wear not just jackets and coats so if we can see what you want then we can make it for you, no problem.

When you have your measurements ready send them to me in a e-mail to ron@leather-shop.bizwith the style #, color, free options you want plus any special requests.

Bookmark this page or better yet this Blog and come back and watch the video when you are ready to get yourself a custom made leather jacket.

Leather motorcycle jackets with Flames

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Leather motorcycle jackets

with Flames

Hello  folks this post is about our popular leather motorcycle jackets with Flames for both men and women.  These leather motorcycle jackets with Flames on the sleeves and the back of the jacket look smokin and when we make them for you they will also fit like a glove.  Basically any of our styles of jackets can have these features added for $25 extra ( Flames on Sleeves and Back of jacket ).  But these styles here have all the functionality and looks to make great riding jackets and also to be noticed.  These leather motorcycle jackets with flames can be made to your body measurements (custom made) or in a Standard sizes  if you prefer, if off the rack fits you well enough then no problem.   All sizes are always available on any of our items .  Since these jackets are made to order we can make them in any color as well the Flames can be made in other colors as well.



We will start with the ladies jackets with Flames first.

Ladies Flames leather motorcycle jacket WMJF01 



Ladies Flames leather motorcycle jacket WMJF02



Mens Flames leather motorcycle jacket MMJF03


Below are the features of all our Leather Motorcycle Jackets


Motorcycle Leather Jackets with Flames

  • Quality top grain cowhide leather.
  • Cowhide 1.2-1.5mm thickness used.
  • YKK zippers.
  • Best hardware(buttons,snaps,buckles) used.
  • Polyester lined.
  • Lace,zipper or pulls for side adjustment.
  • All items are new made to order.
  • All sizes available it’s custom made SEE CHART.
  • All colors available, not just black.
  • Want something changed, no problem.
  • Jacket can be made for casual wear or riding.

If you ride/race a motorcycle the following options are available, just let us know which ones you want when leaving your measurements.


  1. CE Certified Removable Armors (shoulders, elbows + back)
  2. Ventilation zippers (chest, back and arms)
  3. Perforated panels
  4. Removable zip-out liner




please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery once we get your measurements/options and requests


We make everything to order per your specs (measurements,options,requests) for a perfect fit and look. Step up and customize your leather jacket nothing is impossible we will usually make changes for no extra charge. If you want to turn heads or stop hearts we are the ones you want for awesome leather items.


We have 100’s of styles of motorcycle leather jackets, leather vests, leather shirts, leather pants, leather racing pants, leather chaps, motorcycle suits 1pc or 2, lamb nappa leather jackets, lamb nappa leather coats and also CORDURA textile jackets for men and women at



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We can make any item out of leather if you dont see what you want on this blog or at our main store WWW.Leather-Shop.Biz then contact me at or call me at 315 307-8923 anytime.