Racing stripes leather motorcycle jacket 199

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Mens Racing stripes leather motorcycle jacket 199 custom made


Hey folks i am posting one of my listing from our newest store Leather-Shop-Blog-Store.Biz this store will have all the newest styles of leather wear and will become the main store over time.  The listing below is for the Mens Racing stripes leather motorcycle jacket 199 custom made.


Mens Racing stripes leather motorcycle jacket 199

The style 199 racing stripes leather motorcycle jacket is available in 100s of variations and colors or sizes (both Standard or Custom). There are red, white and blue stripes that goes down the right front and back of the motorcycle jacket and also across the outside right sleeve. You can change the color of the stripes or the jacket color see drop down menu Color for jacket color. If you want to change the stripes colors or placement of the stripes e-mail me after ordering. Every item is made to order and is made exactly your way, you can even create a one of a kind version. We don’t limit you to just black leather and a few sizes, at my stores you are the designer.

Mens racing stripes leather motorcycle jacket style 199

  1. Quality top grain cowhide leather.
  2. Cowhide 1.2-1.5mm thickness used.
  3. Leather is drum dyed
  4. YKK zippers.
  5. Best hardware(buttons,snaps,buckles) used.
  6. Polyester lining.
  7. Leather trimmed inside pocket.
  8. Double stitched on all major seams
  9. All items are new made to order.
  10. All standard sizes available or custom made – see SIZE CHART page.
  11. All colors available, not just black.
  12. Want something changed, no problem.
  13. Jacket can be made for riding or casual wear.

If you ride/race a motorcycle the following options are available, just let us know which ones you want when leaving your measurements.


  • CE Certified Removable Armors (shoulders, elbows + back) this option comes with mesh inside lining.
  • Ventilation zippers (chest, back and or arms) let us know where you want them


  • Removable Zip-Out Liner = $20
  • Hard CE Armors = $20
  • Perforated Panels = $10
  • All 3 Paid options = $45


SIZES and Cost
All Standard sizes from XXSmall (34″ chest jacket size) to 3XL (48″ chest jacket size) are always available at no extra charge also includes Custom Measurements that fall within those chest sizes.

All Standard and Custom Measurements that are larger than 48″ chest Jacket and Coat sizes are extra to cover expense of leather and weight for shipping.

4XL is a 50″ chest jacket size = $15
5XL is a 52″ chest jacket size = $20
6XL is a 54″ chest jacket size = $30
7XL is a 56″ chest jacket size = $40
8XL is a 58″ chest jacket size = $60

If you want custom measurements for plus sizes choose the jacket size that will fit Example you have a 54″ chest choose 7XL = 56″ chest size jacket. Let me know after paying for jacket you want custom measurements and i will e-mail you the measuring guide and measurements we need, when we get that info from you we will start to make your jacket.

We can make even larger sizes contact me for more information

We make everything to order per your specs (size or measurements,options,requests) for a perfect fit and look. Step up and customize your leather motorcycle jacket nothing is impossible we will usually make changes for no extra charge. If you want to turn heads or stop hearts we are the ones you want for awesome leather items.

We have 100′s of styles of motorcycle leather jackets, leather vests, leather shirts, leather pants, leather racing pants, leather chaps, motorcycle suits 1pc or 2, Nappa leather jackets, Nappa leather coats and also CORDURA textile jackets for men and women available in our store. I will be adding new styles all the time as well as new Categories of Leather Wear so Bookmark us and check back often. If you want something and don’t see it here contact me with some pics or a link of the item you want and we will make it for you.

We also can do Custom Air-Brushing, Embroidery or Patches contact us for prices and details. Send me a pic or drawing of what you have in mind to

Everything is made to order so average time from order to delivery is about 3-4 weeks.

Visit our store Leather-Shop-Blog-Store.Biz




The Dark Knight Batman Leather Motorcycle Suit

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Hey folks here is a promotional video from of their The Dark Knight Batman Leather Motorcycle Suit.

Universal Design Replicas are the only company Officially Authorized to make this suit.  The Dark Knight Leather Suit is so detailed that the only way to come close to the original design is to have all the patterns and drawings.  The company sells the suit in standard sizes so your in luck if that is not a problem.

How to Apply a patch to a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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You can order any leather item from our store and we can make any patch and sew them on for you at the factory just contact me for price.  Just send me a pic or drawing of the patch or design and size  you want to and i will give you a price, it is actually not expensive.  If you have your own business this is also a great way to show off your logo on a custom made leather wear item.

Here is the original link where i got this info for the DIY- Do It Yourselfers


Don’t use cotton thread for sewing patches onto leather. The chemicals used to tan leather will weaken the cotton thread over time.

1.  When putting a patch on leather the iron on backs seldom work well. They are made for cloth or denim. The high heat may damage the jacket. Some of the glues are not formulated for leather and won’t hold long term.

2.  If using a sewing machine you will probably need a thicker leather needle used for shoe repair. These are made for manual foot treadle machines so you control speed better.

3.  Sewing by hand is what I have usually done.You may need to remove the lining from the jacket in the area you are going to sew the patch in. You may be able to just undo an edge and slip your hand between the lining and the jacket. You will want a good thimble and a sharp smaller upholestry needle. Light fishing line or clear nylon thread is best.

4.  Mark the jacket with chalk where the patch goes so you can see that you are keeping it strait as you go. Do the first stitch from the inside coming out so the knot stays hidden. Work around the patch about 1/16th of an inch apart on stitches. When you get back to the beginning do 2 half hitches onto the first knots and cinch it down. Then put the needle and thread under the edge of the patch and work it to the far side and out or back into the jacket. Cut it so it stays long but the tail is under the patch or inside the lining.

Stitch the patch on by sending the needle back and forth through the leather and the patch, all the way around the patch’s edges. Keep using the thimble to push the needle in without bending it. Keep stitches close to the edge and close to each other for the most secure stitching.

5.  Continue around the patch until you end up where you started. Then, send the needle through the first stitch and loop it around to make a half hitch. Do this a few more times to make a finishing knot. Trim the leftover thread close to the patch so the stitching is smooth.

6.  Restitch the jacket lining after removing your hand.

7.  After all that I am going to tell you that if you are not flat broke save a few hours and sore fingers. A good shoe repair store or tailor can do this by machine for a few dollars. If you go to a shoe repair shop make sure you specify the color of thread you want to use so they do not use a odd color that is on their machine from the last repair job. Chose a color that will be hidden against the patch embroidery.

Replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits, jackets, pants available

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Replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits, pants and jackets

Hey folks, today’s post is about our replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits we get a lot of requests for.   We can make leather motorcycle suits, jackets and pants with any major replica racing brand for example Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, Ferrari, BMW….  These replica racing brand leather items  are made to track and road safety specs and are just as high quality as our branded or non-branded suits.

The pic above shows the Ducati branded replica leather motorcycle jacket in Yellow this jacket is also available in main color Red or Black.  These jackets can be made for riding/racing in top-grain cowhide with armors or if you just want a cool casual wear jacket in a thinner and softer analine cowhide.  You can order a replica racing brand jacket in average size up to 3XL for $279.99 for top-grain cowhide and $289.99 made in analine cowhide.  These are very high quality made leather jackets with brand name stitched on in leather and replica patches.

The pic above shows the Kawasaki branded replica leather motorcycle pants in Green these pants are also available in main color Red, Gray, Blue or Orange.  These riding/racing leather motorcycle pants are made out of top-grain cowhide with armors and padding.  You can order a replica racing brand pants in average sizes for $259.99 .  These are very high quality made leather pants with brand name stitched on in leather and made to protect the rider for many years.  Replica branded pants available in all styles, colors and sizes and with any brand.

The pic above shows the Honda – Camel branded replica leather motorcycle suit in Yellow this suit can be made in any color.   This riding/racing leather motorcycle suit is made with top-grain cowhide with armors and padding.  You can order a replica racing brand suit in average sizes for $524.99 .  These are very high quality leather suits with brand name stitched on in leather and replica patches.  All brands, colors, styles and sizes are available, these replica racing brand leather items are made to order for you.

I will be adding the replica leather racing wear over the next couple weeks at our newest store  LEATHER-SHOP-BLOG-STORE.BIZ only.  But if you cant wait for your style to be listed then contact me at or call 315 307-8923.


video – measuring yourself for a custom made leather jacket

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Here is a very good and humorous video from YOUTUBE called

How to measure yourself for a vintage leather jacket –  Video

The video shows you exactly how to take measurements with a friend around the chest and shoulders properly for a custom made leather jacket to get a perfect fit. The video also shows how to take the length measurement watch it several times or pause it during playback if you want to follow along.  This video is the only one i could find on the internet that was useful but if you need more info then check out the other posts in the How to Measure for Leather Wear Category of this blog.

A lot of people these days find it harder and harder to find a jacket that fits in a Standard size, that is where custom fitting comes in.  So videos like this make it easier for people to now get custom made leathers without having to go to a tailor. 


If you walk into a local shop that does custom leather wear you are looking at a cost of about $800+ for a custom leather jacket in the United States.  But at stores like ours on-line you can get the same or better quality leather wear for only a couple hundred dollars, average leather motorcycle jacket is $229.99 custom made for you at our store.   Basically you can get 3-4 custom made leather jackets at our shop for the price of one locally.  In a store you might have 4 or 5 choices of styles where as at our store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ  we have literally 100’s of styles for men and women and the colors you want at no extra charge.  That why i love this video it helps people who are afraid to order a custom jacket get over their fears and shows you how easy it is.

When we say we make custom made items we mean it if you don’t see the style you want in our shop then all you have to do is send us a pic or link of the style you want and we will make it for you.  We make every type of leather wear not just jackets and coats so if we can see what you want then we can make it for you, no problem.

When you have your measurements ready send them to me in a e-mail to ron@leather-shop.bizwith the style #, color, free options you want plus any special requests.

Bookmark this page or better yet this Blog and come back and watch the video when you are ready to get yourself a custom made leather jacket.