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Hi folks this post is about leather wrestling boots custom made in Canada by RD Wrestling Boots.  I used to watch wrestling alot back in the 70’s and 80’s and remember when i lived in Montreal i would see alot of wrestling boots in shoe repair shops some i recognized who they belonged too.  A lot of wrestlers came from the Montreal area in those days and always was a big wrestling town.  Since this blog is about leather i wanted to do a post about wrestling and basically the only leather they wear in the ring are boots sometimes pants, i have had some customers who are wrestlers buy some items usually jackets or pants.  Wrestling boots are neat because they are colorful and made custom for the wrestlers identity.  The guys at R D Wrestling Boots make high quality boots at a great price around $140-$260 with some extras the price will be a little more (lettering, sole lifts and laces in certain colors) they ship from Canada and the U.S.  These guys also do cowboy boots and Civil War type boots and shoes for recreating battles and for movies just give them a call if your interested in something like that.