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SunShine COAST LONGBOARDING !!!! another really cool video

Hey folks, here is a video that Coast LongBoarding in B.C. Canada put out we have made some leather suits for these maniacs and other LongBoarders Worldwide.  Anyway it is pretty awesome how they risk their necks for some thrills this video shows why you would want some protection.   We can at WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZmake suits or other leather clothing for LongBoarders in any color/colors with any logos, names, numbers and made to your specs.  Enjoy the video it is nuts and will make you cringe or laugh depending how sadistic you are in some parts.


[cleveryoutube video=”” vidstyle=”4″ pic=”” afterpic=”” width=”” starttime=”” endtime=”” caption=”Coast Longboarding video” showexpander=”off” alignment=”left” newser=””]


I dont know much about this video except it is pretty cool to watch.  It’s a Coast longboarding video so that usually means there is great footage.

CoastLongBoarding.Com check out the Coast LongBoarding website there are a lot of good pictures and videos there of their different events and gatherings.  From their site and talking to some of these guys it sure seems they like to have a very good time and they are a really fun and cool bunch.  LongBoarding has a great future and it will explode in popularity once more people are aware that there is even such a sport. 

Here is the Wikipedia definitions of LongBoard and LongBoarding

A longboard is a surfing variant of a skateboard, similar and related to a surfboard or snowboard with wheels. It is used for cruising, downhill racing, slalom racing, sliding, and/or transport. However, most stunts, and the boards themselves are very different from that of a typical skateboard. They usually are designed for the descent of a hill, slides, carves, manual or “dancing” with the board.

Longboarding is the act of riding on a longboard.

Longboarding is an offshoot of street skating, but, like all board sports, its roots lie in surfing. Developed as a single sport on the west coast in the 1950s, by the 1990s, Longboards and Skateboards branched off into their respective disciplines. With the right setup, a longboard can give the feeling of surfing on hard smooth surfaces. There are a variety of riding styles: downhill, cruising and carving, slalom, dancing, freeriding, vert and sliding

Wikipedia is looking for people or experts to add and clarify info on this soft of newish sport / fun thing to do.


Leather Wrestling Boots Custom Made

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Hi folks this post is about leather wrestling boots custom made in Canada by RD Wrestling Boots.  I used to watch wrestling alot back in the 70’s and 80’s and remember when i lived in Montreal i would see alot of wrestling boots in shoe repair shops some i recognized who they belonged too.  A lot of wrestlers came from the Montreal area in those days and always was a big wrestling town.  Since this blog is about leather i wanted to do a post about wrestling and basically the only leather they wear in the ring are boots sometimes pants, i have had some customers who are wrestlers buy some items usually jackets or pants.  Wrestling boots are neat because they are colorful and made custom for the wrestlers identity.  The guys at R D Wrestling Boots make high quality boots at a great price around $140-$260 with some extras the price will be a little more (lettering, sole lifts and laces in certain colors) they ship from Canada and the U.S.  These guys also do cowboy boots and Civil War type boots and shoes for recreating battles and for movies just give them a call if your interested in something like that.


Custom handcrafted leather chopper seats by AnvilCustoms.Com

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Hey folks i came across a really cool website WWW.ANVILCUSTOMS.COMand i called and talked to the owner Ryan who is a really nice guy about his leather items.  Since this Blog is about custom made leather i had to ask him if i could do a couple posts about his company. He is a really talented leather craftsman who makes the most awesome bike/chopper seats in all kinds of  leathers including exotic leathers.  His leather seats blow me away and he can customize them any way you like including adding your logo or a design or whatever image you want.  I would love a seat with my logo on it and will probably pick one up soon, anyway i will post a couple pics of his here from his website and show you a few samples.


Here are a couple of specs on his seats

  • Available in 15×11″ or 13×9.5″
  • Available in Teardrop or EggShaped
  • Built on heavy 10-gauge steel pan
  • 4 Mounting Bolts press-fitted into pan
  • Deep dish to sit down in
  • Nice kick-up in the rear

Like i said he uses all kinds of leather types so if you want a seat made of Alligator or Ostrich leather he can do that just contact him for any details.  Not only does he make beautiful chopper seats but also leather Tool Bags, Passenger Pads, leather and exotic leather Wallets, leather Belts, Clutch Bags, Holsters and more he also carries  seat parts if you need them.  Check out his site he has alot of great pics there and hopefully if you buy something you will tell him Ron sent you.  Have a good day and i will do another post about WWW.ANVILCUSTOMS.COM real soon so check back for updates.