Custom handcrafted leather chopper seats by AnvilCustoms.Com

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Hey folks i came across a really cool website WWW.ANVILCUSTOMS.COMand i called and talked to the owner Ryan who is a really nice guy about his leather items.  Since this Blog is about custom made leather i had to ask him if i could do a couple posts about his company. He is a really talented leather craftsman who makes the most awesome bike/chopper seats in all kinds of  leathers including exotic leathers.  His leather seats blow me away and he can customize them any way you like including adding your logo or a design or whatever image you want.  I would love a seat with my logo on it and will probably pick one up soon, anyway i will post a couple pics of his here from his website and show you a few samples.


Here are a couple of specs on his seats

  • Available in 15×11″ or 13×9.5″
  • Available in Teardrop or EggShaped
  • Built on heavy 10-gauge steel pan
  • 4 Mounting Bolts press-fitted into pan
  • Deep dish to sit down in
  • Nice kick-up in the rear

Like i said he uses all kinds of leather types so if you want a seat made of Alligator or Ostrich leather he can do that just contact him for any details.  Not only does he make beautiful chopper seats but also leather Tool Bags, Passenger Pads, leather and exotic leather Wallets, leather Belts, Clutch Bags, Holsters and more he also carries  seat parts if you need them.  Check out his site he has alot of great pics there and hopefully if you buy something you will tell him Ron sent you.  Have a good day and i will do another post about WWW.ANVILCUSTOMS.COM real soon so check back for updates.

Replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits, jackets, pants available

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Replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits, pants and jackets

Hey folks, today’s post is about our replica racing brand leather motorcycle suits we get a lot of requests for.   We can make leather motorcycle suits, jackets and pants with any major replica racing brand for example Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, Ferrari, BMW….  These replica racing brand leather items  are made to track and road safety specs and are just as high quality as our branded or non-branded suits.

The pic above shows the Ducati branded replica leather motorcycle jacket in Yellow this jacket is also available in main color Red or Black.  These jackets can be made for riding/racing in top-grain cowhide with armors or if you just want a cool casual wear jacket in a thinner and softer analine cowhide.  You can order a replica racing brand jacket in average size up to 3XL for $279.99 for top-grain cowhide and $289.99 made in analine cowhide.  These are very high quality made leather jackets with brand name stitched on in leather and replica patches.

The pic above shows the Kawasaki branded replica leather motorcycle pants in Green these pants are also available in main color Red, Gray, Blue or Orange.  These riding/racing leather motorcycle pants are made out of top-grain cowhide with armors and padding.  You can order a replica racing brand pants in average sizes for $259.99 .  These are very high quality made leather pants with brand name stitched on in leather and made to protect the rider for many years.  Replica branded pants available in all styles, colors and sizes and with any brand.

The pic above shows the Honda – Camel branded replica leather motorcycle suit in Yellow this suit can be made in any color.   This riding/racing leather motorcycle suit is made with top-grain cowhide with armors and padding.  You can order a replica racing brand suit in average sizes for $524.99 .  These are very high quality leather suits with brand name stitched on in leather and replica patches.  All brands, colors, styles and sizes are available, these replica racing brand leather items are made to order for you.

I will be adding the replica leather racing wear over the next couple weeks at our newest store  LEATHER-SHOP-BLOG-STORE.BIZ only.  But if you cant wait for your style to be listed then contact me at or call 315 307-8923.


Some pics of branded leather motorcycle suits we’ve made recently

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 Some pics of branded leather motorcycle suits

Hi this post is to show you some pictures of LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ branded and Replica leather motorcycle suits we’ve made for our customers recently.  We can put any Logo or Brand name on the suit you want it is all up to you just tell us what you need.  The first 3  suits below are a little more expensive than our regular suits because of the multiple sponsor logos.  At LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ all the leather suits we sell are custom made to your measurements and requests and we can add your Name, Number and Sponsors logo or your own logo if you have one.  We get alot of customers who race and they want their sponsors logos on the suit, so if you race and have sponsors just send us their logos and we will add them.  If you have a business and want to sponsor some local racers be a sweety and pay at least half the cost of a new suit for your rider, it is good marketing and you can probably write off the cost.  We can brand any leather item not just suits so if you have any questions send me a message just click on the CONTACT button.

If you buy any regular suit from my store and allow us to add our logo we will add your name and # for free also you can earn $25 store credit for anybody you refer who buys a suit.  They also will save $10 off the price of a new custom made suit when they add the PROMO CODE i will give you when they check out at Paypal.  See the pics below of some of our branded suits, i think the suits look better with some branding on them but it is up to you what you want.  These leather suits are also perfect for LongBoarding we would modify them a little for your sport but again they also can be branded with ours or your logos.  Actually the Blue and White suit below was made for a longboarder that wanted to add his sponsors plus the CLBC Coast LongBoarding British Columbia Initials.


So if see a style you like and know guys that would probably like one too then earn yourself some store credits just order one of our branded leather motorcycle suits at WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ

Leather motorcycle jackets with Flames

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Leather motorcycle jackets

with Flames

Hello  folks this post is about our popular leather motorcycle jackets with Flames for both men and women.  These leather motorcycle jackets with Flames on the sleeves and the back of the jacket look smokin and when we make them for you they will also fit like a glove.  Basically any of our styles of jackets can have these features added for $25 extra ( Flames on Sleeves and Back of jacket ).  But these styles here have all the functionality and looks to make great riding jackets and also to be noticed.  These leather motorcycle jackets with flames can be made to your body measurements (custom made) or in a Standard sizes  if you prefer, if off the rack fits you well enough then no problem.   All sizes are always available on any of our items .  Since these jackets are made to order we can make them in any color as well the Flames can be made in other colors as well.



We will start with the ladies jackets with Flames first.

Ladies Flames leather motorcycle jacket WMJF01 



Ladies Flames leather motorcycle jacket WMJF02



Mens Flames leather motorcycle jacket MMJF03


Below are the features of all our Leather Motorcycle Jackets


Motorcycle Leather Jackets with Flames

  • Quality top grain cowhide leather.
  • Cowhide 1.2-1.5mm thickness used.
  • YKK zippers.
  • Best hardware(buttons,snaps,buckles) used.
  • Polyester lined.
  • Lace,zipper or pulls for side adjustment.
  • All items are new made to order.
  • All sizes available it’s custom made SEE CHART.
  • All colors available, not just black.
  • Want something changed, no problem.
  • Jacket can be made for casual wear or riding.

If you ride/race a motorcycle the following options are available, just let us know which ones you want when leaving your measurements.


  1. CE Certified Removable Armors (shoulders, elbows + back)
  2. Ventilation zippers (chest, back and arms)
  3. Perforated panels
  4. Removable zip-out liner




please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery once we get your measurements/options and requests


We make everything to order per your specs (measurements,options,requests) for a perfect fit and look. Step up and customize your leather jacket nothing is impossible we will usually make changes for no extra charge. If you want to turn heads or stop hearts we are the ones you want for awesome leather items.


We have 100’s of styles of motorcycle leather jackets, leather vests, leather shirts, leather pants, leather racing pants, leather chaps, motorcycle suits 1pc or 2, lamb nappa leather jackets, lamb nappa leather coats and also CORDURA textile jackets for men and women at



LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ logo flashing


We can make any item out of leather if you dont see what you want on this blog or at our main store WWW.Leather-Shop.Biz then contact me at or call me at 315 307-8923 anytime.