LongBoarding suits custom made

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We get a lot of requests for LongBoarding suits these days, it seems more people are willing to fly down mountain roads on a piece of wood.  So of course we say sure, we make motorcycle suits which we slightly modify for longboarders.  The suits have to be flexible enough but does not need as much armors or padding.  Some people risk serious rashes and worse and just wear t-shirts and shorts but like in any sport or daredevil type activity you should wear some protective gear.  It would be like playing in the NHL with just a t-shirt, shorts and skates it would hurt alot as soon as you get checked or got hit by a puck.  We make suits for just $464.99 in any style, colors or size so why spend more than that on medical bills and painkillers.  Go to my suit pages CLICK HERE pick out a style we can change anything you want it’s custom or send us your own design.