Lamb leather jogging suit ( pullover shirt and 2 pocket pants )

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Lambskin leather sweat shirt and pants


Hey folks, this post is about our solid Black lambskin jogging pants and sweatshirt.


We get all kinds of requests for leather items and someone needed a leather jogging suit with elastic neck, waist, wrist and ankle cuffs and polyester lined so we said “sure no problem send us your measurements”.  


We can make this out of different leathers but i would recommend Lambskin it is soft, light weight and durable.   It is a cool looking suit even for just hanging around or great for sweating off the pounds if you need to cut some weight.  


The polyester lining will keep you cool even on warm days, we can also sell these with a lambskin lining and it would be good for jogging in the Winter. 


We make other styles of leather shirts and pants as well, just tell us what you want.  The pants have two pockets and the shirt is pullover style if you have any question click on the CONTACT button on the right side of the screen.

Unisex style can be made for Men or Women




LongBoarding suits custom made

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We get a lot of requests for LongBoarding suits these days, it seems more people are willing to fly down mountain roads on a piece of wood.  So of course we say sure, we make motorcycle suits which we slightly modify for longboarders.  The suits have to be flexible enough but does not need as much armors or padding.  Some people risk serious rashes and worse and just wear t-shirts and shorts but like in any sport or daredevil type activity you should wear some protective gear.  It would be like playing in the NHL with just a t-shirt, shorts and skates it would hurt alot as soon as you get checked or got hit by a puck.  We make suits for just $464.99 in any style, colors or size so why spend more than that on medical bills and painkillers.  Go to my suit pages CLICK HERE pick out a style we can change anything you want it’s custom or send us your own design.

The Chronicles of Riddick – Leather Glove, Armbands replica for sale

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The Chronicles of Riddick Leather Glove, Armbands replica


Hey folks, got another post for the The Chronicles of Riddick movie.


It seems to be very popular movie and that post gets alot of hits so why not do another one.


I got a few e-mails after the first post asking if i can make them a set of Riddick  Leather glove and armbands (i am really not sure what to call these) we said sure no problem.


Below is a pic of the finished The Chronicles of Riddick leather glove / arm bands below.


If you want to order a set of these for $149.99 USD including delivery by courier click on the Paypal button below.


After you make the payment i will send you a e-mail with the measurements we need or you can add them to the NOTES box on the PAYPAL checkout page.


Everything is custom made to your measurements so it will fit and look perfect.


Riddick Leather Glove, Armbands replica for sale

Buy It Now

Made custom to fit you perfect

MEASUREMENTS WE NEED for the Riddick leather gloves / armbands

1. Forearm
2. Wrist
3. Elbow to Wrist
4. Wrist to base of middle finger
5. Hand without thumb



The Chronicles of Riddick Leather Glove, Armbands are only available on this BLOG

We can make anything out of leather so if you always wanted something made of leather you found the right place.

If you have any questions about The Chronicles of Riddick leather gloves / armbands

or any other item e-mail me at or call 315 307-8923 anytime.

Also visit our main store website WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ