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 Leather Shirts for men custom made


We can make any mens shirt style for a woman we just change the side the leather shirt buttons / snaps up.

Here is the shop link for leather shirts

Everything is custom made so all sizes, colors and styles are always available.

We do Big & Tall, Plus sizes, short people tall people all people sizes.

If you do not see the style of leather shirt you want just e-mail me some pics, sketch or a link and we will make it for you.


Replica Obi Wan Kenobi leather boots $399.99

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Obi Wan Kenobi leather boots now available


Hey folks i seem to get a lot of hits on this blog for Obi Wan Kenobi leather boots from the Star Wars movies because i had a affiliate link for them on this blog but the store selling them ran out of most sizes pretty fast.  So people would ask us if we can make replica Obi Wan Kenobi leather boots for them in custom measurements , No Problem is our answer we can make any style leather boot for you.


We can make and ship the leather boots Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi style for $399.99 plus $50 courier anywhere in the world with any foot size.


We can make these Obi Wan Kenobi leather boots in any foot size

 We make these leather boots to your foot measurements so they fit perfect and feel comfortable


Custom made boot measurement chart

Custom made boot measurement chart

Custom made boot measurement chart


You Can order these Obi Wan Kenobi leather boots only from here


Any Size, Shipped anywhere in the World for ONLY $399.99




We are leather experts with over a 100 years of combined experience and can make almost anything. 99% of other leather companies would not bother making these unless someone ordered 100 pairs the same size or would charge more for 1 pair than the officially licensed boots cost. We just love making new things and styles so if you want something and can’t find it anywhere else contact me at 315 307-8923 or e-mail ron@leather-shop.biz


Here are some pics of one of the pairs we made


Obi-Wan Kenobi leather boots for sale WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ side picObi-Wan Kenobi leather boots for sale WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ front picObi-Wan Kenobi leather boots for sale WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ back picObi-Wan Kenobi leather boots for sale WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ inside pic

Superman leather motorcycle suit custom made

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Superman leather motorcycle suit custom made

Hey folks i am adding this post to let you know we are now offering the unofficial  Superman leather motorcycle suit custom made at our blog store http://leather-shop-blog-store.biz/superman-leather-motorcycle-suit/.

Here are some of the features

Superman leather motorcycle 2 piece suit

  1. Leather jacket & trousers made in premium quality A GRADE 1.3mm milled cow hide leather.
  2. Jacket/Trouser triple nylon stitched
  3. Kevlar used on arms , trouser front side crotch and bottom back side.
  4. Heavy duty YKK original zips
  5. Jacket has rear zip {full attachment for trouser)
  6. Zips on all external outside pockets.
  7. Jacket Armor has 5 pieces removable and upgradable CE padding on jacket,(1)Back (2)Shoulders (2)Elbow.
  8. Trouser Armor has 4 pieces removable padding on (2)Hips (2)knees


Back Hump

Knee Sliders Velcro removable


Hard Armors = $50

Jacket Zip out liner = $20

Perforated panels = $10

All paid options = $75


The suit can be made for Men or Women and goes for $499.99 without any paid options and in sizes XS – 3XL.  All larger sizes are available for a little extra to cover costs of extra material and extra weight with courier.

We can also make matching boots and gloves for this Superman leather suit or any of our suits.

My blog store is pretty new but i will be adding new styles and leather wear items like crazy over the next few months so check it out often.  But in the meantime go to my main store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ where i have over 100 styles of suits if you are looking for a different style or send me a pic of the style you want.

As usual if you have any questions e-mail me at ron@leather-shop.biz or call 315 307-8923

Leather longboard suits custom made by Leather-Shop.Biz

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Leather longboard suits

Hey folks todays post is about a couple leather longboard suits we made for a customer in the U.S.

This 1 piece leather longboard suit is padded in all the right places to keep you from being hurt or at least lessen impact.  Longboarding is a very fast and dangerous sport of course that is why people who like getting a rush do it.

Besides leather there are areas we use stretch panels to give you freedom of movement.  We also will add your name or nickname on the back free of charge.  These leather longboard suits custom made to your measurements are only $464.99 U.S. and we will ship it anywhere in the World for you free.

We can make these suits in any color/ colors or design.  You can even choose a motorcycle suit design and we will make it in a longboard format.  I have over a 100 motorcycle suits in my store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ

If you have a design you like e-mail me a drawing or pics or links of the style you want to ron@leather-shop.biz and thats how we will make it for you.

When you order from us you can earn store credits $25 for each person you refer to us.  When you get the suit you also get a Promo Code to give to interested people and if they use the code when they checkout and pay they will save $10 and you get $25 credit you can save them up and eventually get yourself a free suit.  You can also use your credits for any item whenever you want, example you have 1 credit and you want to order a leather jacket contact me and i will send you a invoice with $25 deducted from total.

We can add extra logos/patches if you have a sponsor or own a business send us some samples by e-mail and will give you the price.

Below is the custom measurement guide, take your measurements and then e-mail them to me after ordering the suit.  Turnaround time for delivery is 3-4 weeks after we get the measurements/requests.

Custom Measurement Guide – Leather Longboard Suits

Do not add anything to your measurements – we need your actual body measurements.

1. Wrist

2. Fore arm

3. Bicep

4. Neck

5. Chest (under armpit)

6. Waist (at belly button)

7. Hips

8. Thigh (10cm from crutch point)

9. Knee

10. Calf (10cm from knee point)

11. Ankle (at ankle bone)

12. Shoulder width (from shoulder bone to bone)

13. Back length (neck to waist)

14. Elbow to wrist

15. Sleeve length (shoulder to wrist)

16. Knee bone to ankle bone

17. Waist to knee

18. Side length (waist to ankle)

19. Inside leg (crutch to ankle)

20. Total length (neck to ankle)

21. Shoulder (neck to shoulder bone)

22. Weight (kg)

23. Women Only – under bust measurement


Your Order will show in the Shopping Cart in the center column of this blog page just under the Categories.  To pay for the order just click the Paypal checkout button.

WWII Luftwaffe Style Leather Flight Jacket

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German Flight Jacket ‘Jagdflieger’ reproduction WW II jacket

Hi there folk, today’s post is about the leather flight jacket replicas of the German Air Force during World War Two made by Nobile House.  This style of jackets was worn by the top pilots and Aces of the Luftwaffe and i think they look awesome.  Anyway if you want to order one click on the link below and it will take you to the sales listing page.


Precious handpicked black soft aniline Steer-hide, hand-sewn.
Made with the highest quality black Steer-hide – thickness 1.5 mm.
All Jackets are brand new

100% brushed cotton lining in German Air Force blue – wadded

2 slash side entry pockets
zippers on sleeves
Inner pockets with zip
deep inside luger pocket

The ‘Jagdflieger’ jacket of the BF-109 pilots is the most mentioned Flight jacket of the Luftwaffe.
No wonder those historic originals are a part of the most eligible collector’s items.
A jacket for your whole life.

 Our reproduction of this style is as accurate to the original as is feasible to be

Flight jacket style worn by German Pilots,Aces of the Luftwaffe, the Messerschmidt pilots Hans-Joachim Marseille, Erich Hartmann, Werner Moelders, Guenther Rall, etc.

Throughout his service with the Luftwaffe, Major Hartmann can often be seen in archive images wearing his short leather jacket, which he no doubt acquired during the early part of the war when he was posted in France. Many Luftwaffe fighter pilots had this style of jacket which was originally commercially purchased (not issued) at ordinary clothing and motorcycling shops in France. In fact, they were actually referred to as “Cyclists Jackets” by the Luftwaffe pilots. Made of a fairly lightweight and close-cut construction, they appealed to the German fighter pilots both for their smart looks and their applicable use in the cramped cockpits of aircraft, such as the Bf109.

To see more leather jackets of the style worn by pilots in World War II check out this sellers store just click on the LINK at the top of this post.  The store is located in Germany but they ship Worldwide.  Hope you enjoyed this post and like this style jacket as much as i do.


Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jackets CLICK ON LINK TO BUY