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Leather Blog worth checking out, pics of Celebrities wearing leather

Here is a Blog leatherleatherleather.com with lots of videos, pictures and links of female celebrities and models wearing really nice leather. See pics below

leatherleatherleather.com is another great leather blog for getting ideas for items you might want WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ to make you, just contact us with your ideas.





We can make you look awesome in leather just like these Celebrities. Everything we make is made to order for you style/measurements/colors. If you have any leather wear requests just ask and we will make whatever you want at a great price.

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in Ladies leather wear

Leather Tights Custom Made


Get That Amazingly Sexy Look With Leather Tights


Leather industries have certainly been on a high since the latest demand of them in the fashion world. Today, almost every fashion craze have got that huge desire to own at least some leather attires right in their wardrobe. Leather tights have been one of them that have managed to create a huge hype among leather attires. For you, if looking hot, bold and sexy is what the main aim, then surely you got to have them on.



Custom Leather Tights for Women

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Danica Patrick Leather Pictures and Videos

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This post is about Danica Patrick and includes some pictures a video link and a embedded video showing her in leather wear.  Any leather item you see her wearing we can make for you in any size or color, contact me for details CLICK HERE

Danica Patrick GoDaddy leather jacket



 Link above is a YouTube video slideshow of Danica Patrick in leather bikinis, corsets , jackets and more. Great video and music by Judas PriestTurbo Lover my favorite song of theirs.

If you need any rocker leathers we do that as well.



Danica Patrick leather racing jacket and pants

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Leather Pants – search results by Leather Pants

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Leather Pants – search results by Leather Pants.

This pic of Beyonce is from http://leathergirlsblog.com from the Leather Pants category  there are more leather worn by celebrities categories as well at this blog. Beyonce Knowles tight black lambskin leather pants.   Have a pair custom made for yourself visit LEATHER PANTS FOR SALE HERE  We make all styles of leathers for men and women if you do not see the style of pants you want then send me a couple pics or a link to the style you want.  We can even change something on a pair of leather pants if you want, everything is made to order.

Leather pants custom made

At WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ you can order whatever style, size and color leather pants you want we never say “no” to any idea you are the customer and what you want is how we will make it for you.  If you want to look like a Star in leather pants then check us out first for the best quality and price.

Beyonce in leather pants video

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