Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)

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Hey folks, I added another Steampunk related video to the blog.  I love Steampunk fashion and the people who wear it.

Inspired by the category “Things That Are Not Steampunk” on Regretsy (www.regretsy.com), and (of course) those peerless purveyors of Euterpean epopee, Professor Elemental and Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer. The tintypes and photographs used throughout the video are from the collection of Greene Connections (http used with permission. Lyrics are available by enabling the “English – Lyrics” track on the video closed captioning or interactive transcript controls. Due to a number of requests, the MP3 (with higher quality audio) is now available at iTunes, Amazon MP3 and the Android Market.

Steampunk Antique Butterfly Gear Necklace

Make a retro-future fashion statement in our Steampunk Antique Butterfly Gear Necklace. This neo-Victorian style beautifully blends the 19th century and Industrial together for a whimsical look. Our Steampunk Necklace features an antique copper tone pendant that is made up of a mix of vintage watch parts, cogs, gears and accented with a sweet copper filigree butterfly. Three linked cogwheels dangle from below the pendant which hangs from a silver chain with T-bar gear closure. You will fit right in during this great age of adventure in our Steampunk Antique Butterfly Gear Necklace. This costume jewelry piece will enhance your Victorian, 19th Century, Cyberpunk or Steampunk costume.

Leather wear at Leather-Shop-Blog.Biz

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Leather wear Custom Made at Leather-Shop-Blog.Biz


Welcome to Leather-Shop-Blog.Biz this blog is a companion web site to our store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ which sells custom made leather wear for men and women.  This Blog  is about custom made leather jackets and other leather wear items made by us and other companies.  This blog is not just about motorcycle leather jackets  but also casual wear leather items, western leather wear, Sexy and Fetish leather, longboarding suits, leather coats and jackets for men and women of every possible style.

I will try to keep this blog current with not just about the stuff we sell but leather wear in general either for riding/racing or just looking cool. We get a lot of requests for leather jackets seen in Movies or T.V. shows and since we make custom we always say yes no problem. If there is a leather item you think is smoking and you got a pic or two send them to me and i will post it. There’s a lot of really nice styles of leather jackets and coats from the past to the present so tell me what are your favorites.

I will eventually do a post on Patches and one on Embroidery and also one on Air-Brushing on leather soon and a couple posts on measuring yourself for a custom fitted jacket or other leather items. There are so many things that we can post about when it comes to leather wear so i will try to keep it interesting, please bookmark this blog and come back often.

We will put up links to other companies leather jackets, coats, boots, gloves and whatever i find is cool and or popular so order from them, this site is SSL secure and scanned daily for any problems it is 100% safe to order through them or us.  Some items that i do a post on will have a ADD TO CART button underneath and that item might also be in the STORE at the top of the blog page.  Most of our newest items i do a post on will be available here first before i add it to our main store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ or maybe it will be exclusively sold on the blog only.

There is also a tab to get to our main site WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ at the top of the blog where we have 100’s of leather jackets and a lot more for men and women.  All sizes,  colors and styles are always available because the item is custom made specifically for you.  We can keep our prices low for top quality leather wear because we do not have to carry any pre-made inventory just supplies to make the items.  Basically you can get a probably much better quality item custom made by us for less $ than you could buy a decent quality leather item that probably does not fit you 100% right and in a style you might not be crazy about because they only had a couple different styles to choose from in a store.  This is your chance to get that jacket or coat or anything else you always wanted but can’t find anywhere in your size or color or price range we can make it for you.

We will ship your item by courier standard delivery to anywhere in the World FREE!, Express shipping is also available it is a little bit faster and the charge depends on the item see listings for details on that item.

Here are the Leather Wear  Categories we have online now. These links below will open in a new window so you don’t lose this page.

Leather Motorcycle Suits – click here

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Mens Leather Motorcycle Jackets – Click here

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Womens Leather Motorcycle Jackets – click here

Womens Leather Chaps – click here

Womens Leather Vests – click here

Womens Leather Coats – click here

Womens Leather Jackets – click here

Womens Textile Cordura Jackets – click here

if you do not see the style you want, don’t worry we can make whatever you want just send me some pics/web links/drawings or whatever you can as long as we can see what you want we can make it . Send any details of what you are looking for to ron@leather-shop.biz and i will get back to you, the cost will usually be the same as one of our styles unless there is a lot of extra materials or man hours that go into it.

We sell basically anything made out of leather but mostly custom made leather wear.  It takes me awhile to add new categories to the store because i am always trying to improve the current listings so if you don’t see something just ask for it and i guarantee you we will say “yes no problem”.


Below are pics of  a couple of our Mens and Ladies custom made leather motorcycle jackets from our store.



Everything you wanted to know about leather but were afraid to ask

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Hi here is a link to a Wikipedia page about leather. Full of great info about everything leather before it is used for making fashion or other items.



  • 1 Forms of leather
    • 1.1 Leather types
    • 1.2 Leather from other animals
  • 2 Leather production processes
  • 3 Environmental impact
  • 4 Role of enzymes in leather production
  • 5 Preservation and conditioning of leather
    • 5.1 Leather in book binding
  • 6 Working with leather
  • 7 Cordwain, “Cordovan” or “Spanish leather”
  • 8 Leather in modern culture
  • 9 Religious sensitivities to leather
  • 10 Concern for animals and the environment and alternatives
  • 11 See also
  • 12 References

Some pics of branded leather motorcycle suits we’ve made recently

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 Some pics of branded leather motorcycle suits

Hi this post is to show you some pictures of LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ branded and Replica leather motorcycle suits we’ve made for our customers recently.  We can put any Logo or Brand name on the suit you want it is all up to you just tell us what you need.  The first 3  suits below are a little more expensive than our regular suits because of the multiple sponsor logos.  At LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ all the leather suits we sell are custom made to your measurements and requests and we can add your Name, Number and Sponsors logo or your own logo if you have one.  We get alot of customers who race and they want their sponsors logos on the suit, so if you race and have sponsors just send us their logos and we will add them.  If you have a business and want to sponsor some local racers be a sweety and pay at least half the cost of a new suit for your rider, it is good marketing and you can probably write off the cost.  We can brand any leather item not just suits so if you have any questions send me a message just click on the CONTACT button.

If you buy any regular suit from my store and allow us to add our logo we will add your name and # for free also you can earn $25 store credit for anybody you refer who buys a suit.  They also will save $10 off the price of a new custom made suit when they add the PROMO CODE i will give you when they check out at Paypal.  See the pics below of some of our branded suits, i think the suits look better with some branding on them but it is up to you what you want.  These leather suits are also perfect for LongBoarding we would modify them a little for your sport but again they also can be branded with ours or your logos.  Actually the Blue and White suit below was made for a longboarder that wanted to add his sponsors plus the CLBC Coast LongBoarding British Columbia Initials.


So if see a style you like and know guys that would probably like one too then earn yourself some store credits just order one of our branded leather motorcycle suits at WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ

Pullover Leather Shirt With Fringe LS099

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Pullover Leather Shirt With Fringe LS099


Hello Folks, hope you are having a nice day and the weather is good.  Today’s post is about our newest style leather shirt we made.  The LS099 is not a new shirt style but one of our customers wanted to add fringe on the back so we made it for him that way.  We can add fringe to any leather item either in our store or a style you send us either by pics or links.

Buy it here

The LS099 is a pullover style with lace ties at neck so you can loosen it to pull shirt over and on.  It is made of Soft but durable Lambskin but if you want a little thicker shirt it can also be made in Aniline cowhide which is also very soft.


This leather shirt can be made in 7 colors we always have in stock not just dark brown.


Pullover leather shirt LS099 is available for $199.99 without fringe and $209.99 with fringe up to size 3XL, a little more for larger sizes.

7 colors to choose from

Black, Burgundy, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, red and White.