in How to Measure for Leather Wear

Measuring leather jacket


Hey folks, today’s post is a video you can watch and it will show you how to go about measuring leather jacket that fits you well and it can be used for coats as well.  Why would you do that? because if you want to order a new jacket and want it the same size as your old one this is how to do it.   We still would need you to select a Standard size or send us your body measurements for custom sizing but this extra info will help to make sure the jacket fits.  Not all Standard sizes are the same a Medium in America is different from a European or Asian Medium, just because you bought a Mens jacket in New York and it says Medium and it fits you does not mean it is a US Medium.


We make all Standard sizes as well as custom made sizes at our main store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ  this video will help you to order a jacket or coat the same size as the one you have that fits.  The more info we get from you the better that’s why this measuring leather jacket that fits video is a great help.  Not only can you get a great fitting jacket or coat but we can make any style (if we don’t have it in our store send us some pics or a link and we’ll make it for you) in any color and size if we have this info.



Here is a pic below that shows some of the measurements you need to measure a leather jacket or coat that fits with the video above you should have everything you need.

If you want to order a leather jacket or coat or shirt and have any questions contact me at or call 315 307-8923 anytime.

Thanks for reading and or watching this post Measuring leather jacket that fits video if you have any comments please leave them.