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Everything you wanted to know about leather but were afraid to ask

Hi here is a link to a Wikipedia page about leather. Full of great info about everything leather before it is used for making fashion or other items.



  • 1 Forms of leather
    • 1.1 Leather types
    • 1.2 Leather from other animals
  • 2 Leather production processes
  • 3 Environmental impact
  • 4 Role of enzymes in leather production
  • 5 Preservation and conditioning of leather
    • 5.1 Leather in book binding
  • 6 Working with leather
  • 7 Cordwain, “Cordovan” or “Spanish leather”
  • 8 Leather in modern culture
  • 9 Religious sensitivities to leather
  • 10 Concern for animals and the environment and alternatives
  • 11 See also
  • 12 References
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