Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare Air-Brushed Leather Jacket

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Welcome 2 My Nightmare Air-Brushed Leather Jacket by Danielle Vergne

  Hello folks today’s post is about my good friend and customer Danielle Vergne.  The Alice Cooper team sent her a leather jacket to air-brush his new album cover Welcome 2 My Nightmare on.  They are offering this air-brushed leather jacket as a prize in a contest, you can enter here . 


She is a huge Alice Cooper fan and has made him a bunch of air-brushed leather jackets of various album covers and some other original designs.   Whenever Alice Cooper is on tour in Europe she meets up with him to offer him another leather jacket she air-brushed as a gift.  She does amazing air-brushing on leather jackets, vests, t-shirts just about anything else you ask her to.  You can get her to air-brush a leather jacket you buy from us at WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ or send her one of yours her website is a here HARDROCK-ARTWORKS.COM her link is also the Blogroll on the right hand side of all my blog pages.  Her link was one of the first i added to my Blogroll it has been there since day 1 of this blog.  She will do any artwork or Band you want not just Alice Cooper although he is her favorite.  She will also do Movie artwork and or Sceneries or any design you send her and her prices are really good.


Here is a T-Shirt she air-brushed with the Welcome 2 My Nightmare album cover that you can order from here or the jacket as well, but the one in the picture at the top is for a lucky fan who enters and wins the contest.  Check out her site HARDROCK-ARTWORKS.COM for some samples of her work and from there you can join her Facebook page for future updates on new items she has made for Alice and his fans.  And again don’t forget also visit my store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ pick out a style of jacket or send us a pick of the style you want and we make it in any Standard Size or make it custom to your Body Measurements in any color you want and ship it to her for the air-brushing you want.

White leather fringe jackets custom made Boni Jovi style

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leather fringe jackets custom made Boni Jovi style – This post is about a order we got for two Leather fringe jackets custom made.  I got a call from a huge Bon Jovi fan in Toronto Canada, he was looking to purchase two leather fringe jackets, one in white leather and one in black like the ones Bon Jovi wears in concerts.  Bon Jovi was touring and the customer wanted to wear these fringe jackets to the next shows coming up in town.

Bon Jovi style White leather fringe jacket for sale click here

the customer requested white satin lining for the white leather fringe jacket and black lining for the black leather fringe jackets well as 2 inside zippered pockets in each.  He asked for the front concho fringe to  hang 10″ below bottom of jacket and the rest of the fringe to hang 12″ below at the lowest point.  On the back he wanted the fringe to end at the bottom of the jacket.  He also wanted the belt tip 12″ long when buckled up, since we make everything custom we said “easy no problem”.

These motorcycle jackets are made of top quality top-grain cowhide leather and we use only the best hardware as well.  The jackets were for casual wear, partying and concert going so we did not need to add any armors, ventilation pockets/zippers or zip-out liner but can add those if you ride a motorcycle.

Most Bon Jovi fringe jackets on-line are the standard western fringe type jacket with fringes about 4-6″ which we also sell but this post is just to show you we do whatever the customer wants.

If you want something anything and can’t find your size, color or it’s too expensive contact us and we will probably make it for the same price as our regular items.

Bon Jovi style Black leather fringe jacket for sale click here

We also can add Patches, Embroidery or Air-Brushing on any custom made leather item with whatever design you want. These jackets also would look good with a little air-brushing from my friend Danielle at