The Dark Knight Batman Leather Motorcycle Suit

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Hey folks here is a promotional video from of their The Dark Knight Batman Leather Motorcycle Suit.

Universal Design Replicas are the only company Officially Authorized to make this suit.  The Dark Knight Leather Suit is so detailed that the only way to come close to the original design is to have all the patterns and drawings.  The company sells the suit in standard sizes so your in luck if that is not a problem.

Supernatural Brown Car Coat worn by Dean reproduction

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Supernatural Brown Car Coat reproduction


Hey folks, this post is about our reproduction Supernatural brown car coat worn by character Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles).  We make this coat as close as possible to the original worn in the show.  It is a classic distressed brown leather car coat that always looks good no matter what you wear it with and will never go out of style.  I took a couple of screenshots from one of the Supernatural episodes to show you his coat on the T.V. show.

Supernatural Dean Winchester brown leather car coat is made with distressed cowhide on the show but you can order it in distressed lamb leather too.  It has all the regular features such as polyester lining, lambskin lining is available also, leather trimmed  inside pocket, two outside hand pockets and welted buttonholes are pretty much standard with the button up versions of the coat.  We can make this coat for you in all Standard sizes or we can make it custom to your measurements.  Anything can be changed or added to make it your own just contact me if you want to order or if you have any questions.  This is available on my Blog only, all my newest stuff is available here first.


Check out another Supernatural leather jacket we have in our store now.

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AbbyShot Final Fantasy Squall Jacket

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 Final Fantasy Squall Leather Jacket

Video of a video shoot for the Final Fantasy Squall leather jacket made by AbbyShot they make some great replica jackets of all types of characters.

A behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot for the Squall Jacket, our AbbyShot garment inspired by Final Fantasy VIII. The model looks just like Squall Leonhart in this leather jacket, check it out! For more, check out


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