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Everything you wanted to know about leather but were afraid to ask

Hi here is a link to a Wikipedia page about leather. Full of great info about everything leather before it is used for making fashion or other items. Contents 1 Forms of leather 1.1 Leather types 1.2 Leather from other animals 2 Leather production processes 3 Environmental impact 4 Role of enzymes in leather […]

video – measuring yourself for a custom made leather jacket

    Here is a very good and humorous video from YOUTUBE called How to measure yourself for a vintage leather jacket –  Video The video shows you exactly how to take measurements with a friend around the chest and shoulders properly for a custom made leather jacket to get a perfect fit. The video […]

Measuring leather jacket that fits video

Measuring leather jacket   Hey folks, today’s post is a video you can watch and it will show you how to go about measuring leather jacket that fits you well and it can be used for coats as well.  Why would you do that? because if you want to order a new jacket and want […]