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Some pics of branded leather motorcycle suits we’ve made recently

 Some pics of branded leather motorcycle suits

Hi this post is to show you some pictures of LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ branded and Replica leather motorcycle suits we’ve made for our customers recently.  We can put any Logo or Brand name on the suit you want it is all up to you just tell us what you need.  The first 3  suits below are a little more expensive than our regular suits because of the multiple sponsor logos.  At LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ all the leather suits we sell are custom made to your measurements and requests and we can add your Name, Number and Sponsors logo or your own logo if you have one.  We get alot of customers who race and they want their sponsors logos on the suit, so if you race and have sponsors just send us their logos and we will add them.  If you have a business and want to sponsor some local racers be a sweety and pay at least half the cost of a new suit for your rider, it is good marketing and you can probably write off the cost.  We can brand any leather item not just suits so if you have any questions send me a message just click on the CONTACT button.

If you buy any regular suit from my store and allow us to add our logo we will add your name and # for free also you can earn $25 store credit for anybody you refer who buys a suit.  They also will save $10 off the price of a new custom made suit when they add the PROMO CODE i will give you when they check out at Paypal.  See the pics below of some of our branded suits, i think the suits look better with some branding on them but it is up to you what you want.  These leather suits are also perfect for LongBoarding we would modify them a little for your sport but again they also can be branded with ours or your logos.  Actually the Blue and White suit below was made for a longboarder that wanted to add his sponsors plus the CLBC Coast LongBoarding British Columbia Initials.


So if see a style you like and know guys that would probably like one too then earn yourself some store credits just order one of our branded leather motorcycle suits at WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ

AbbyShot Final Fantasy Squall Jacket

 Final Fantasy Squall Leather Jacket

Video of a video shoot for the Final Fantasy Squall leather jacket made by AbbyShot they make some great replica jackets of all types of characters.

A behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot for the Squall Jacket, our AbbyShot garment inspired by Final Fantasy VIII. The model looks just like Squall Leonhart in this leather jacket, check it out! For more, check out www.abbyshot.com


AbbyShot Final Fantasy Squall Leather Jacket



Let them know Ron from LEATHER-SHOP-BLOG.BIZ  sent you.



Update this domain now links to my leather suits at WWW.Leather-Shop.Biz any of the suits can be made for Longboarding or Motorcycle racing.  Just let us know what it is for when you send us your measurements and requests and that is how we will make it. 

I just did not have time to make a separate store for Longboarding suits yet, I will sometime down the road no pun intended.

As with all our leather wear LongBoarding suits can be made in any style, colors and size with anything you want custom. 

Thes longboarding suits are the best value out there, not only will you look awesome but have protection as well.

Read More http://leather-shop-blog.biz/category/longboarding-2/

Tips on Buying your first leather jacket

Buying Your First Leather Jacket


We headed over to Mackage’s flagship store in SoHo to bring you this advice

on what to look for when you’re thinking about buying your first leather jacket.


Some pretty good tips on what to look for when buying a new jacket now if you are looking

for some leather now you came to the right place.

Shop for NEW Fashion or Motorcycle Leather Jackets here

If your looking for your first or tenth new leather jacket come see us at LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ

We have 100’s of styles and since everything is made to order we will make any style you want.




At our stores you get the leather jacket you want









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British motorcycle gear.com

British motorcycle gear


British Motorcycle Gear

British Motorcycle Gear offers a wide range of products for the true motorcycle enthusiast. Continually seeking out new products and materials, adding innovative features and then exhaustively testing garments where it matters, on real motorcyclists, on the road.

British Motorcycle Gear continues today the long tradition of manufacturing some of the finest motorcycle protective garments in the world. The traditional waxed cotton garments have been worn by generations of riders and are still in production today. This is not only a tribute to their durability but to their timeless style.

British Motorcycle Gears main focus today is protection and function. That is why all of our garments include CE Approved Impact Protectors from Knox the World leader in Body Protection Systems. We offer a wide selection of motorcycle clothing that provides comfort and versatility for every type of ride. So if your heading around the world, touring, commuting or just heading to the store as an excuse to ride be assured that British Motorcycle Gear has the right garment to keep you dry, comfortable and protected. Which after so many years in business is just as it should be.

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