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Alice Cooper Welcome 2 My Nightmare Air-Brushed Leather Jacket

Welcome 2 My Nightmare Air-Brushed Leather Jacket by Danielle Vergne

  Hello folks today’s post is about my good friend and customer Danielle Vergne.  The Alice Cooper team sent her a leather jacket to air-brush his new album cover Welcome 2 My Nightmare on.  They are offering this air-brushed leather jacket as a prize in a contest, you can enter here . 


She is a huge Alice Cooper fan and has made him a bunch of air-brushed leather jackets of various album covers and some other original designs.   Whenever Alice Cooper is on tour in Europe she meets up with him to offer him another leather jacket she air-brushed as a gift.  She does amazing air-brushing on leather jackets, vests, t-shirts just about anything else you ask her to.  You can get her to air-brush a leather jacket you buy from us at WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ or send her one of yours her website is a here HARDROCK-ARTWORKS.COM her link is also the Blogroll on the right hand side of all my blog pages.  Her link was one of the first i added to my Blogroll it has been there since day 1 of this blog.  She will do any artwork or Band you want not just Alice Cooper although he is her favorite.  She will also do Movie artwork and or Sceneries or any design you send her and her prices are really good.


Here is a T-Shirt she air-brushed with the Welcome 2 My Nightmare album cover that you can order from here or the jacket as well, but the one in the picture at the top is for a lucky fan who enters and wins the contest.  Check out her site HARDROCK-ARTWORKS.COM for some samples of her work and from there you can join her Facebook page for future updates on new items she has made for Alice and his fans.  And again don’t forget also visit my store WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ pick out a style of jacket or send us a pick of the style you want and we make it in any Standard Size or make it custom to your Body Measurements in any color you want and ship it to her for the air-brushing you want.

Steampunk Leather & Resin items made by Tom Banwell

Tom Banwell maker of Steampunk Leather and Resin masks, gas masks, respirators, leather cuffs, leather top hats, leather helmets and more weird and wacky items.  It just goes to show you when you think you seen or know all the things made of leather, out there is somebody with a talent who comes up with things like this.

These items like Steampunk itself fits into so many categories you can’t just pin it to one genra is it Post Apocalyptic, Victorian, Horror,  Sci-Fi, Punk, Gothic or all of the above mixed into some crazy timewarp.  Anyway i love this stuff hope you do too.


 I also included his Blog link below and in the Blogroll if you want to check out more of his stuff.


Leather Pants – search results by Leather Pants

Leather Pants – search results by Leather Pants.

This pic of Beyonce is from http://leathergirlsblog.com from the Leather Pants category  there are more leather worn by celebrities categories as well at this blog. Beyonce Knowles tight black lambskin leather pants.   Have a pair custom made for yourself visit LEATHER PANTS FOR SALE HERE  We make all styles of leathers for men and women if you do not see the style of pants you want then send me a couple pics or a link to the style you want.  We can even change something on a pair of leather pants if you want, everything is made to order.

Leather pants custom made

At WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ you can order whatever style, size and color leather pants you want we never say “no” to any idea you are the customer and what you want is how we will make it for you.  If you want to look like a Star in leather pants then check us out first for the best quality and price.

Beyonce in leather pants video

Whatever you want check us out for a perfect fit and look

Belstaff Knockhill Vintage Trialmaster Jacket from British Motorcycle Gear


The Belstaff Knockhill “Trialmaster” motorcycle jacket is a reproduction of the Classic Trialmaster motorcycle jacket done in vintage Leather. This is a beautiful piece of equipment that replicates the timeless style of the Trialmaster Motorcycle Jacket in fine Italian Leather. If you are looking for a Vintage style leather motorcycle jacket that all your friends will be envious of this is it. British Motorcycle Gear Protecting The Café Racer in all of us.

The True Heritage of these jackets allows them to be used in period productions like Brad Pitt in “Benjamin Button”. Part of the Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Clothing Line. Made in Italy. Another fine motorcycle accessory brought to you by British Motorcycle Gear.

      Belstaff Jacket

Price: $750.00

Mens & Ladies Sizes: S-XXXL

Colours: Silver, Fog

- Full grain cow leather

- Age treated leather.
- 100% Cotton Belstaff check lining on body and satin lining on sleeves.
- Corduroy on neck collar.
- Removable soft CE protectors on shoulders and elbows.
- Removable foam protector on back.
- Detachable vest in quilted satin lining.
- Protectors meet the requirements of European directive 89/686/CEE and of CE Technical standard EN 1621-1:1997.
- Two lower and upper patch pockets on the front, closed by flap and snap buttons.
- Zipped slit pocket on inside left placket.
- Embroidered leather logo on left sleeve.

Click on banner below to order

Sexy Black Leather Pleated Skirt

Leather Pleated Skirt - $65.56
Retail Price: $75.56
You Save: $10.00
from: Wicked Temptations


Sexy leather pleated mini skirt with nail heads and zipper detail with faux razor blades.

Hey folks if you need this in a different color or if your size is not available contact me and we will make it to your specs.  Hit the CONTACT button on the right side of the screen.

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