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Leather chaps for men custom made YouTube video

Leather chaps for men custom made

Hey Folks,this post is about my first YouTube video called Leather chaps for men custom made.  I decided to make the first video on leather chaps since i don’t really post a lot about chaps.

Leather Chaps for Men made to order for you

We can make any style leather chaps in any size and colors.  Every order is custom made to your specs, we can make these leather chaps in top-grain cowhide or Aniline cowhide.  We can make any style of leather chaps ex. biker chaps, motorcycle chaps, horseback riding chaps / western, movie or tv character chaps, or even for fetish wear.  Since every item is made to order, anything is possible  just contact me about the leather chaps you want.

Store Link to Leather Chaps

YouTube Video ChannelLeatherShopBiz

You can watch my videos on my YouTube channel or here but i probably wont post every video on this blog i just don’t have the time.

Custom made leather racing suits at WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ

Hey folks, how’s it going?  good i hope.  At WWW.LEATHER-SHOP.BIZ we make custom leather suits for all sports and as costumes for any occasion.  We currently have 130 different styles in the store so really the combinations of colors, options (see below), 1 or 2 piece suits, logos-patches-names-numbers, for Men or Women and sports type (car, motorcycle, longboarding) the combinations you can choose are endless.  Not only that we can make any style just send us a pic / link or drawing if you want something else, so there is literally endless possibilities what you can get with us. 


  1. Leather stretch panels.
  2. Leather perforated panels.
  3. Rubber padded Tailbone/Spine protector.
  4. Back hump.
  5. YYK Ventilation zippers

We dont charge extra for this or that ( except for Logos, Patches, Embroidery ) all suits are the same price $464.99 U.S. .  For full details on suit features visit our store  and all the info is there or call or e-mail me i don’t want to repeat it here.

Also of course we make the suits to your body measurements for a perfect fit and look.

So please check out the Store and look around and feel free to contact us anytime, thanks for stopping by.


P.S. we can also make matching Gloves and Boots even though they are not listed in the store yet, again contact me with the style you want.

Motorcycle Jacket Two Color Custom Made Style 7125

Leather motorcycle jacket two color style 7125

Hello folks, our post today is about our custom made leather motorcycle jacket two color style 7125.  These top grain leather jackets are made with colored leather trim on shoulders and two colored stripes down sleeves.  Since these jackets are custom made the base color can be any color as well as the trim/stripe color to match your motorcycle or your style.  The majority of these two tone motorcycle jackets that we sell will be black with colored trim but it is just as easy for us to make it in any other color for no extra charge.

Mens leather motorcycle jacket two color 7125 Silver


Mens leather motorcycle jacket two color 7125 Orange



Mens custom made Leather Motorcycle Jackets style 7125

  • Quality top grain cowhide leather.

  • Cowhide 1.2-1.3mm thickness used.

  • YKK zippers.

  • Best hardware (buttons,snaps,buckles) used.

  • Polyester lined.

  • Lace,zipper or pulls for side adjustment.

  • All items are new made to order.

  • All sizes available it’s custom made.

  • All colors available, not just black.

  • Want something changed, no problem.

  • Jacket can be made for casual wear or riding.

  • Just tell us what features and colors you want when you send us your measurements

Mens leather motorcycle jacket two color 7125 Blue

If you ride/race a motorcycle you can order the extra features you need and only pay for the ones you want.


Mens leather motorcycle jacket two color 7125 Yellow



We make everything to order per your specs (measurements,options,requests) for a perfect fit and look. Step up and customize your leather motorcycle jacket nothing is impossible we will usually make changes for no extra charge. If you want to turn heads or stop hearts we are the ones you want for awesome leather items.


Mens leather motorcycle jacket two color 7125 Black, even 2 tone black is available

We have 100’s of styles of motorcycle leather jackets, leather vests, leather shirts, leather pants, leather racing pants, leather chaps, motorcycle suits 1pc or 2, lamb Nappa leather jackets, lamb Nappa leather coats and also CORDURA textile jackets for men and women at


We also can do Custom Air-Brushing, Embroidery or Patches contact us for prices and details. Send me a pic or drawing of what you have in mind to ron@leather-shop.biz

Mens leather motorcycle jacket two color 7125 Beige






This style or any style jacket ever made can be made to your specs just send us a e-mail to Ron@Leather-Shop.Biz or call 315 307-8923 and we will make the item for you.


Leather Shirts for sale custom made

Leather shirts custom made to order 

Hey Folks i am just going to post a few pics of Leather Shirts styles we make here on the blog.  We can make any style leather shirt for Men or Women in any color or size ( Standard or Custom Measurements).  We use soft durable aniline leather for leather shirts or we can also use lambskin which is a little thinner.

Leather shirt colors that are always available – Black, Burgundy, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray. Red and White.

All these styles can be made for Women as well, all we have to do is change the side the shirt buttons up.

Leather shirts are great for Spring and Summer because it is like a light jacket you forget you are wearing it and the lining keeps you cool.  A lot of places have air conditioning blasting away all summer so it also keeps the chill away and is rain proof.  Long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless leather shirts are available whatever you want we will make it your way.

We can also add Logos or patches if you have a business so you can look cool and advertise at the same time, anyway anything is possible contact me if you have any questions about any leather wear item.

Also check out the Leather Shirts for Men custom made video on this blog.


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